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  • Children under 10 under parental guidance, free entry.
  • No 1 day tickets. On saturday, you can buy tickets at the festival for 400 CZK.
  • Wheelchair guides have free entry
  • There will be enough of Toi toi facilities including 1 for people on a wheel chair.
  • No entry with proffesional photo and video equipment. You may record on compact camera and phones
  • Dogs may enter the festival only when owner has leash and cage at hand
  • Parking - 100 CZK/car/whole weekend. Possible to leave and re-enter the area on the same ticket.
  • Camping will consist of 2 zones - free zone and secure zone within a fence, which will be 30 CZK
  • Secure zone entry will require special hand strip, which can be purchased for CZK 30 with valid festival ticket on the cashier.
  • You must have a hand strip or ticket to enter the festival or camp area.
  • Secure zone entry is under security service's watch, but we still recomend to use our depository for valuables
  • You can store also bicycles in the depository
  • In case you witness theft, please call security or local police - 974 471 760.
  • No guns, no food no drinks may enter the festival gate
  • You may carry PET bottle of water, there will be reservoir parked inside for free refill
  • There will be 2 water reservoirs inside the area, they will be refilled, please use wisely.
  • Respect the environment and clean up after your self
  • Realbeat supports trash recycling and all plastic ware will be refundable
  • There will be 5 types of colored trash bins in the place: yellow for plastic, blue for paper, green for glass, red for metals and black for anything else
  • No fire in the festival areas, including parking and camps.
  • There will be 1 'official' place with fire inside the festival area
  • Fire department and medics are in service on the festival
  • Contact info office in case of any problems.
  • Enjoy the festival!
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